Fish Menu

Oysters 1/2 dozen Natural €12.00
Oysters 1/2 dozen baked, roasted garlic, parsley butter €14.00
Mussels  -  White wine cream sauce  Starter €9
Main €18
Grilled sea bass shaved fennel & radish, tarragon & sherry viniagrette €25.00

Monkfish chorizo sausage, buttery mash, lemon cream

Wok prawns, courgette, peas, creamy coconut, coriander, chilli, egg noodles   €19.00
Baked hake filled, fresh herb & lemon risotto €22.50


Gluten Free

All our sauces and soups are made without flour. 

All dishes on our menu can be adapted to be gluten free.

Check out our  Delicious Gluten Free Chocolate Truffle Torte